about tiny hats

i made my first tiny hat for new years eve 2014. it was a smooshed felt hobo hat, with a vintage clock face. throughout the night people kept coming up to me smiling, it was such a joyous reaction.

2015 was filled with people wanting these tiny creations, and tiny hat nation was born. each tiny hat is hand created with felt, straw or flocked hats, then embellished with found objects. each hat is unique and inspired by the things i find.

i also do special orders with pieces of your own that you'd like to wear or showcase. my friend wanted a tiny hat for his daughter's guinea pig, and my poor dog N.O.L.A. soon had a job selling hats at local fairs.

since then i've made hats for bands, a pygmy goat in a wedding party, and many special occasions.

tiny hats come with clips or headbands. pet hats come with elastic strings.


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